Steamalot is a medieval steampunk tactical trading card game. As a player you build a deck, and play characters onto a battlefield. Then those characters maneuver around the field in turn based combat. The card library also includes equipment and skill cards that modify characters and combat.
Steamalot: Epoch's Journey is set in the medieval period where the development of steampunk technology has begun earlier than the traditional Victorian setting indicates. Instead of magic the populous is amazed with new intricate clockwork and steam technology. Merlin is a gifted engineer and friend to the King. Patric (the player) is Merlin's young apprentice who must help him determine the root cause behind rising disturbances in the kingdom.
Expected release Late 2013
Steamalot Key Features:
  • Editable Card Decks
  • Single Player and PvP matches
  • Card Leveling
  • Deck Building & Multiple Decks
  • Trade
  • Single Player Narrative
  • Multiple Battlefields
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The new game trailer is up HERE.
The First Demo of Steamalot:Epoch's Journey is available for download on Mac and PC! 

Click your the link for you respective operating system below. 
Check out the in-game tutorial, in the Mission Select section, if you need a little nudge in right direction. 
PC Download
Steamalot Epoch's Journey PC Demo

MAC Download
Steamalot Epoch's Journey MAC Demo
In Progress.

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