Steamalot is a medieval steampunk tactical card game. As a player you build a deck, and play characters onto a battlefield. Then those characters maneuver around the field in turn based combat. The card library also includes equipment and skill cards that modify characters and combat. Cards are earned by beating missions and through in game booster packs. Cards can also be leveled between battles. 
  Steamalot: Epoch's Journey is set in the medieval period where the development of steampunk technology has begun earlier than the traditional Victorian setting indicates. Instead of magic the populous is amazed with new intricate clockwork and steam technology. Merlin is a gifted engineer and friend to the King. Patric (the player) is Merlin's young apprentice who must help him determine the root cause behind rising disturbances in the kingdom.
  The full version is out now in the Steam store! Deck editing, card leveling, and the two campaign modes are all a part of the game. 
PC and MAC!

Steamalot Key Features:
  • Multiple Editable Card Decks
  • Single Player Campaign
  • Card Leveling
  • Card Creation
  • In Game Chat
  • 42 Different Battlefields, one for each level

Steamalot: Epoch's Journey

 “completely addictive game that is totally fun and absolutely accessible.”

“what Steamalot does so well is that it takes the old and tired and gives it a refreshing facelift”

~Timothy Carson, Bleeding Cool


“The one thing I have a huge soft spot in my heart for is indie gaming, and that is what these guys do best!”

~David Valle, Bad Coyote Funky


“Once in a while games will come along attempting to combine genres and concepts in fresh and interesting ways. Combining turn-based tactical strategy gameplay with a collectible card game [Steamalot] is one such clever combination.”

~Indie Haven

"it’s a solid tactical game for five bucks."

~Diehard GameFan

GeekEccentric Interview.

Game Manual

Steamalot the Manual in lovely.docx

Steamalot the Manual in "not free to edit" .pdf

Press Packet

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