Some questions are asked of us and our games quite frequently. In order to streamline the answering process we have posted some common questions and answers here. 

Q: If Go Go Galago is in a "beta version" why has it been out for so long already?
A: Good question!  GGG was originally made by our founder Mark with the help of a few contractors. He submitted it to the App Store, updated it once, and was sidetracked with other work. When he came back to it and started expanding the Risen Phoenix team he realized that GGG could use a lot of improvements and that it essentially was an alpha version of the game. During the polishing process some of the core mechanics, art, and story were changed so much that it really did constitute that much of a distinction in difference. 

Q: Is Go Go Galago an educational game?
A: Yes. Although the main impetus behind the game was to make a story book adventure game, as we learned more about galagos we wanted to add that information for our players. We think they're fascinating creatures and we hope you will like them too. 

Q: What are galagos?
A: Galagos are also know as bush babies and are the smallest species of primate in the world. They come from sub Saharan Africa. There is more information in the game ;-)

Q: Can I visit the studio?
A: Not usually, although if you manage to find our super secret hideout there isn't much stopping you. We might be surprised or upset at the sudden intrusion (note: don't spook the developers!). We are usually in attendance at local events in Philadelphia and in the Ivyland/Warminster/Doylestown area. We would love to see you there. 

Q: Are you hiring? 
A: Not at the moment we are writing this, but things in the games industry tend to shift rapidly. It is possible we will be hiring in the future or will have more contract work.  

Q: Why does Steamalot look like an old style SNES game?
A: Well Timmy, as the first generation of video games has gotten older the style of game they grew up with has become its own art style. Initially these games' visual style were limited by the systems they were made for. That limitation actually created an aesthetic that now some developers, like us, like to revisit in new games. 

Q: I have *insert problem* with Steamalot.
A: Bummer! Email us and tell us about it. We would like to get that fixed as much as you do. . 

Q: What are you doing now?
A: Weeping into a carton of bargain brand ice cream. Then starting on our new project which as of 2/26/2015 only our email insiders know about.