About Us

Risen Phoenix Studios is an indie game developer based in Doylestown, PA. Our goal is to create engaging gameplay experiences and combine that with captivating storytelling. We currently produce games for iOS, Android, PC, & MAC. 

Mark Wolsiefer/CEO, Owner
 Mark is half man, half bear, half pig, and all game. He is the creator of Risen Phoenix Studios. He graduated from Full Sail University in 2008 and went to work for ObsTek (a software developer north of Philadelphia) soon after. In 2011 he started Risen Phoenix. Risen Phoenix came out with its first iOS title, Go Go Galago, in January of 2012. Risen Phoenix's second title, Steamalot: Epoch's Journey, released in Oct 2014. 
Sean Weiland/Project Lead & Audio
  More geek than nerd; Sean helps keep the development team on task, when he isn't making terrible puns and causing a distraction. He has been making audio for video games for 4 years and is on a number of iOS games. He has a B.A. in theatre from ASU and an M.S. in game development from UAT
Katherine Powell/ Past team member 
Katherine came to us from Tennessee by way of Florida and Full Sail University. She created all of our early game art, so she literally made us look good.  Now she lives in the desert with her cats and doing other such things. 
Jeff P./Code
 Jeff talks to our computers and makes them work. He is the Code Weesperer. 
+1 military hair cut
+2 vertigo save roll